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Six qualities

of our company

Our plantations

Own plantations for growing raw materials in ecologically clean area of the Ferghana Valley

100% quality

Neighborhood tested by time and quality of modern technologies


Application in the prevention and treatment of a wide range of diseases

Our experience

26 years of experience and qualifications, achievements and victories in local and international markets

Production of the company

A wide range of products, including teas, juices, oils, honey and tinctures

Customer Confidence

Confidence of consumers of local and international markets

Our Partners

(Русский) Компания MEHRIGIYO представляет вашему вниманию совершенно новый продукт чай лаванда!

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(Русский) Международная выставка WorldFood Moscow 2018 — это уникальная выставка продуктов питания со сложившимися репутацией и традициями. 

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